To paint with acrylic, synthetic fibers such as Sepia or Kaërell fibres are recommended. The Sepia fibre is a synthetic interlocked fibre. The arched shape and responsiveness of the fibre ensures an excellent response on the canvas. A more precise brushstroke when adding material, while at the same time respecting the gesture of acrylics. Kaërell "S" fiber is ideal for applying diluted colour. A resistant, flexible and responsive fibre. Fine point and suitable for fine work and a very soft style.

  • Kaërell S Acryl 869

    Shape : Round
    Fibers : Synthetic Kaërell "S" Orange
    Use : Detail, contour, adjust.

  • Kaërell S Acryl 879

    Shape : Flat
    Fibers : Synthetic Kaërell "S" Orange
    Use : Background, diluted colours

  • Kaërell S Acryl 8792

    Shape : Filbert
    Fibers : Synthetic Kaërell "S" Orange
    Use : Formation and glaze.

  • Kaërell S Acryl 8795

    Shape : Fan
    Fibers : Synthetic Kaërell "S" Orange
    Use : Shading, blurred effect, glaze.

  • Large size flat brush

    Fibers : "Golden Kaërell"
    Use : Background, varnish
    Handle : Short blue polished handle
    Ferrule : Seamless nickel plated brass ferrule

  • Mixacryl Multimedia flat brush 295

    Shape : Multimedia flat brush
    Fibers : Mix of white hog bristles and synthetic fibers
    Use : Acrylic ground, oil and gesso.

  • Precision 8910

    Shape : Fine Line Brush
    Fibre : imitation Sable
    Use : Long lines, precise details.
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  • Sepia Acryl 864

    Shape : Round
    Fibers : Sepia
    Use : Detail, contour, adjust.

  • Sepia Acryl 8740

    Shape : Short flat bright
    Fibers : Sepia
    Use : Small areas, more visible strokes.

  • Sépia Acryl 8741

    Shape : Angular
    Fibers : Sépia
    Use : Contour and shading